What we do

EZY Mobility is a service provider specialized in wireless charging solutions for electric cars, buses, trucks and virtually any vehicle using a battery. With over 7 years experience we bridge the gap between the complexity in the OEM-industry and the specialized knowledge of the public and private wireless charging infrastructure.

Wireless charging

We offer a wireless charging solution for virtually any vehicle with a battery.


We consult on the logistical, legal and financial aspects on wireless charging and energy transfer.

Financial services

We help you to find the correct financial solution or leasing arrangement.


We believe in an end to end solution. EZY mobility's strength is in the supply of an innovative solutions tailored to your needs.


What is happening in the world of electric vehicles and how is EZY Mobility fitting in?

Why wireless charging?

The EZY Mobility inductive charging solution and products enables the implementation of an infrastructure in cities where electric vehicles benefit from an automatic and wireless charging solution. The result is a smart city solution where vehicles, homes and companies can collaborate in a "smart wireless grid". Energy can, therefore, be shared resulting in a green and smart living environment. This can all be done today and fully wireless.

“Wireless charging isn’t a solution in search of a problem. Just the opposite: Cutting the cord eliminates multiple problems, starting with the obvious one of forgetting to plug in."

Smart and easy

  • Never forget to charge.
  • Automatic identification when loading.
  • Compliant with global standards.
  • Seamless integration in the charging infrastructure.
  • Post purchase integration in electric vehicles.
  • Traditional charging possibility remains in place.

Safe and reliable

  • No harmful radiation.
  • Minimal maintenance and vandalism proof.
  • No moving parts in the ground charger or the vehicle.
  • Long life span of the product.
  • Built to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Ready for the future

  • Maintains aesthetics in infrastructure.
  • No plugs or cables needed.
  • Minimal energy loss with an efficiency of 95%.
  • Longer battery life of the vehicle.
  • Charging and dis charging.
  • Ready for the autonomous infrastructure.
  • Fully scalable.



What is happening in the world of electric vehicles and how is EZY Mobility fitting in?

E.ON presents a BMW i3 that charges wireless during the energy trade fair E-world in Essen, Germany

E.ON will be presenting several innovative products for all customer groups at the E-world energy trade fair in Essen from February 6 to 8. From the virtual storage of solar power via a thermal battery for municipal heating networks to the filling station of the future. E.ON will showcase numerous ways  Read more

EZY Mobility winner Mobility Lab

It was an exciting day for EZY Mobility yesterday. Together with last remaining 25 other startups, we were allowed to compete in a pitch for one of the final 15 spots available in the Mobility Lab. We are very proud to announce that we claimed our spot within those last 15 places and are now able... Read more

It Is Now Practical To Refuel Electric Vehicles Through Thin Air.

Electromagnetic induction gets rid of cables. A WISE driver keeps an eye on the fuel gauge, to make timely stops at filling stations. For drivers of electric cars, though, those stations are few and far between. The infrastructure needed for refilling batteries has yet to. Read more

EZY Mobility Join the Trans-Atlantic Coast-to-Coast Smart e-Mobility Program

Amber Mobility, Everest Solutions Group (ESG) and EZY Mobility have joined the Trans-Atlantic Coast to Coast Smart e-Mobility Program to cooperate and develop the US and Dutch Smart e-Mobility market. A signing ceremony took place at... Read more

Rotterdam Electrical Innovation Wireless Charging in practice

The state of wireless charging of electric vehicles?
Rotterdam tests in practice innovations in the field of electric driving. What can you think of? We are talking about technology, a behavior of e-drivers and a living outdoor space (street view). In short... Read more

EZY Mobility finalist of the BMW Startup Challenge!

We are very proud that EZY Mobility has placed itself in the final of the BMW Startup Challenge. Of the 62 entries, 10 companies have been selected worldwide to present their invention to a jury... Read more

Curious about what we can do for you?


Curious about what we can do for you?