Amber Mobility, Everest Solutions Group and EZY Mobility join the Trans-Atlantic Coast-to-Coast Smart e-Mobility Program

October 19, 2017

Amber Mobility, Everest Solutions Group (ESG) and EZY Mobility have joined the Trans-Atlantic Coast to Coast Smart e-Mobility Program to cooperate and develop the US and Dutch Smart e-Mobility market. A signing ceremony took place at NLInvest, the new initiative by the Dutch Government to stimulate economic growth. During the ceremony, led by Dr. Bertholt Leeftink, Vice Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Hans de Penning, CTO of Amber Mobility, Mr. Kam Hosn, CEO of ESG, Mr. Arnaud van der Sluis, CEO of EZY signed and joined the program.

“Coast-to-Coast Smart e-Mobility is very excited that Amber, ESG and EZY are joining the partnership”, says Peter van Deventer, Director, “All three companies bring very exciting smart e-mobility solutions to the table. They all strongly focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. I consider all three organizations great assets to the transatlantic cooperation between The Netherlands and California. Their ambitions to accelerate solutions for smarter and cleaner electric transportation are just amazing.”

The Netherlands and West Coast US face many similar challenges on air quality, oil dependence, sustainable jobs creation, congestion, crowded cities, etc. Transportation is key in this but also offers opportunities for change and economic growth. Smart and E-Mobility are one of these promising opportunities.

As far as Smart and e-Mobility: California and The Netherlands are global leaders. In 2013 Mr. Matt Rodriquez, Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency, and Ms. Wilma Mansveld, Minister of Infrastructure and Environment signed a strategic agreement on Smart and e-Mobility cooperation and stimulation. In addition, the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative and Coast to Coast Smart e-Mobility (S4C) signed a multi-year agreement to cooperate on knowledge transfer and business development.

S4C is a public-private partnership which aims to promote knowledge and innovation exchange between Dutch and U.S. governments, knowledge institutes and businesses; to strengthen bilateral relations between decision-makers; and, to help position (private) organizations in relevant Smart and e-Mobility markets.

S4C has set up a dedicated Holland Mobility House, located within the Netherlands Consulate General in San Francisco to organize seminars, trade missions, study tours and other programs to support the partnership’s aims. S4C communicates news related to developments in Smart e-Mobility in the U.S. and the Netherlands through various channels.


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