EZY Mobility winner Mobility Lab

October 30, 2017

It was an exciting day for EZY Mobility yesterday. Together with last remaining 25 other startups, we were allowed to compete in a pitch for one of the final 15 spots available in the Mobility Lab. We are very proud to announce that we claimed our spot within those last 15 places and are now able to work alongside with the region of Rotterdam and Noth Brabant for expanding the market for future Mobility.

What does this mean for EZY Mobility?
We will be entrusted with financial means for marketing and public awareness through mainstream media. Furthermore, this will allow us to develop and market our wireless charging service and expand our testing to bring electric driving tot he next level.

Mobility Lab
Mobility Lab is an initiative of the Traffic Company and SmartwayZ.NL. The aim is to give startup companies the opportunity to test their prototype in practice. We give them such a push in the right direction, so they grow into a full-fledged company. Before startups have an impact, they need to scale up. This applies in particular to prototypes that affect road, public transport, and cities. Before you can scale up, startups must prove their prototypes in practice to convince customers and investors. For this, a pilot (with real users, in a real situation) is essential. Mobility Lab provides the space in the Rotterdam and Noord-Brabant area

Source: Mobility Lab

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