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We believe that EZY Mobility's innovative products and solutions contribute to the goal of making electric and autonomous driving a great success. This benefits first and foremost users, but governments, urbanists, vehicle manufacturers and energy suppliers will benefit from this innovative market that is rapidly scaling up.

E.ON - Your smart partner for energy solutions

Global trends – like sustainability and climate protection, digitalization and technological innovation – are altering the energy landscape. At the same time, our customers’ energy needs are changing. The result of these changes is a brand new energy world – decentralized, green, and interconnected – that we must adapt to.

Our core businesses reflect the key emerging energy trends:
- The transformation of yesterday’s power lines into tomorrow’s smart energy networks.
- The increasing demand for innovative customer solutions.
- The global growth of renewables.

We provide solutions for this new energy world. And we make sure that everything we do has a single focus: our customers. Whether they are individuals or families, big or small businesses, or even entire towns and cities.

website: E.ON

S4C Smart e-Mobility Program

Both the European and the US West-Coasts are pioneering Smart e-mobility. Governments, universities, and companies are co-operating to speed up developments. The two regions have lots in common, facing the same challenges and generating the same business opportunities.So why develop the e-wheel twice, both in Europe and the US? That’s where the S4C Smart e-Mobility Program kicks in. 

S4C Smart e-Mobility Program
 - is a public-private partnership
 - designed to promote knowledge and innovation exchange
 - between the US and Dutch government and universities
 - and to position companies in the respective e-mobility markets

website: coast2coastev

Utrecht University Applied Data Science

At the Center for Organisation and Information, we conduct research, and provide education, on the usage and deployment of Information Technology in organizations and society. Information Technologies have become an integral part of our lives and its adoption throughout all layers of society and all layers of technical understanding provide many new and, challenges and opportunities.

The scope of our research includes:
 - Applied Data Science
 - Architectural Intelligence
 - Requirements Engineering
 - Software Ecosystems

The members of the Center give courses and coach students in the bachelor programs Information Science and Computer Science. The Center has an international master program Business Informatics (MBI) with students from all over the world.

website: Utrecht University

Sioux Logena

Sioux Logena is specialized in the development and integration of embedded software and hardware applications for the automotive industry.

Our customers, OEMs and leading automotive system suppliers, can rely on our expert knowledge in the field of programming body controllers, multiplex systems, cockpit and dashboard HMI systems and all other types of embedded systems. We support our customers from the introduction and implementation of these systems and offer them turnkey projects for the integration of these systems in vehicles. Logena is also able to take care of wiring harness engineering and develop customized applications for tablets and smartphones.

Furthermore, we deliver our in house developed products like gateway modules, body controllers, and diagnostic/EOL tools with several (wireless) communication interfaces.

Sioux Logena is part of the Sioux Group.

website: Sioux Logena 


Customers want an OV company that takes them seriously and is demand-driven
Qbuzz is the only Dutch transport company in the market for shipping concessions and competes in this market with foreign (listed) companies. Qbuzz has acquired two concessions in the past period through a high-quality public transport offer.

Qbuzz carries about 230,000 customers every day with 2,400 employees, 650 buses, and 26 trams. Qbuzz believes in forming partnerships that can achieve successes in public transport. Innovative methods with drivers to increase customer friendliness of public transport, partnerships with other carriers to provide the customer with the best possible service from front door to destination, open and transparent relationships with concessionaires to quickly respond to changing demand for public transport and, last but not least, attractive and easy deals to our customers to further enhance the use of public transport.

website: Qbuzz


Comfort, safety, and durability. These are the keywords in the public space for CityTec. Due to our own perceptions of public space, quality and innovation, we have become the professional service provider in the area of dynamic street furniture, public lighting and traffic control systems in many parts of the Netherlands.

We are the proud service provider for more than 100 municipalities, including the four major cities of the Netherlands. CityTec thinks beyond light masts and traffic lights. We make life easier for our customers; that is our commitment.

website CityTec

E. D. Mij

E.D. Mij is the electricity supplier and program responsible party (PV party) for the business market. We help our customers benefit from the variable hourly rates on the Amsterdam Power Exchange (APX) and the fluctuating prices on the imbalance market. Many of our customers are organizations that are flexible when they consume or produce electricity.

website: E.D. Mij

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